a. What makes you unique?

b. Tell us what others say about what makes you who you are.

Creativity –

a. Tell us your original ideas.

b. How do you come up with new ideas?

c. Be original.


a. Describe a situation when you used your problem solving skills.

b. What is the greatest obstacle you have overcome in your life?

c. Who is your greatest antagonist?

d. Who is your biggest supporter?

e. What is the most traumatic event you ever had to face and how did you handle it?


a. What makes you fun to hang out with?

b. How do you captivate your audience, friends and relatives?

c. What do you do that makes people notice you?

Innovative –

a. How do you build on other people’s ideas (invention & creativity)?

b. Give us an example of what you did to take some exiting thing and make a completely new thing.

Special –

a. What sets you apart from others in a stressful situation?

b. What personality traits help you in odd situations?


a. What are your natural abilities that make you stand out from the rest?

b. Show us some of your unusual talents.

Team Player

a. How do you fit in with others?

b. What do you bring to the table that makes the team better with you than without you?

c. How do you encourage other team members that aren’t contributing to get involved?

Resourceful –

a. Explain how you make something out of nothing?

b. Describe how you can get others to help out.

c. Show that you know how to D.I.Y. (do it yourself)

Responsible –

a. Describe a task, job or project you were given in the past and how did you complete it?

b. Describe some of your past accomplishments?

c. Prove to us that you self-disciplined?

d. How are you able to be subordinate to the boss?

e. Tell us about a time when you had to be truthful and state your opinion?

f. Why should we believe that you can own your actions and their results?

Motivated –

a. Show us an example of being a self-starter.

b. What makes you tick?

c. Why are you interested in the movie business?


a. How do you motivate others?

b. How do you think outside the box?

c. Explain your communication skills?

Master Craftsman –

a. Describe how good are you at what you do?

b. Show us your work.

Personal Background

a. What are your roots?

b. Who is your hero?

c. What is your background? – (church, school, civic organizations, etc.)