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Are we building a team based on the script 395?


Does that mean we need to pick our actors based on that script with age and race and build etc congruent with what is in the script?

Yes. You need to build a team in these categories. Cinematographer, Production Designer, Music Supervisor, Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress.

Or is it a make-believe whoever we enjoy working with?  

These are real people that you want on the Dream Makers show. These are people you know or will get to know. The other department heads and actors will be selected during the season.

What if multiple directors decide to use some of the actors that are currently involved with the competition?

The director should build their own team of associates but they can use the contender’s talent pool.

Does the first director to get to that actor get the actor?

Yes. A contender can only be on one director’s team leading up to the show.