Sneak on the Lot 

Experiential learning from professional filmmakers

Sneak on the Lot is a project of Independent Student Media (ISM Films), founded in 1999 by filmmakers Darrin Fletcher and Chet Thomas, who endeavored to create a new way of teaching students. They realized it was not enough to simply deliver the information to a new generation of film students, but realized an intense need to make the content and process as entertaining and engaging as they are educational.

Growing out of their accomplishments as filmmakers, they developed a working curriculum that instructs students through an interactive online textbook. With this tool, teachers and students have the opportunity to be instructed by industry professionals at anytime of the day or night through downloadable interviews. Ongoing development of the curriculum and its associated resources gave birth to Sneak on the Lot.

Chet Thomas

Before becoming a producing partner with Gerald Molen at WhiteLight Entertainment, Mr. Thomas worked with him on Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report”.  Prior to that, he worked at DreamWorks for several years, where he first served in the story department, collaborating on such projects as “Amistad”, “Deep Impact” and “Saving Private Ryan”. He quickly moved to feature development, where he played an active role in “Meet the Parents”, “Mouse Hunt”, “Road to Perdition”, “Small Soldiers” and several other films.

Most recently, Mr. Thomas produced the film “TAKE”, starring Academy Award®-nominated actors Minnie Driver and Jeremy Renner, which has won many ‘Best of’ categories in festivals around the country. He is also a producer on the film “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”, scheduled for Christmas 2013 release by Walden Media.

In addition to his work with ISM Films and Sneak on the Lot, Mr. Thomas also speaks at universities and schools around the country.

Darrin Fletcher

Mr. Fletcher began his film career in high school as a layout artist for XAM Animation Studio, creating layouts for Saturday morning cartoons “Spiderman” and “The Transformers”. There he become very familiar with storyboards and telling stories through pictures. He was soon offered a job at Walt Disney Animation Studios but turned it down to follow his long-time dream of live-action filmmaking.

Since that time, Mr. Fletcher has worked on more than 65 feature films, including “The World’s Fastest Indian”, “Sandlot”, “High School Musical 3” and “A Life Less Ordinary”. He has storyboarded hundreds of international commercials that have been viewed around the world. He has also had extensive experience with large format IMAX® productions, visualizing seven of these rare and exciting projects. Television has also been an extensive part of Mr. Fletcher’s career, visualizing and storyboarding dozens of various pilots and television series, including “Charmed”, “Touched by an Angel”, “7 Days”, “Extreme Rescue”, “Crossroads” and “Everwood”.

For more than 10 years, Mr. Fletcher has been producing and co-directing projects with Chet Thomas.